INTEGRATOR makes it easy to sell products across multiple online marketplaces, streamline your operations, and achieve significant growth.

Integrated E-Commerce


INTEGRATOR is an online platform created by gridsearch.ai to help online sellers streamline their sales operations on various e-commerce marketplaces. The platform is built using the Python Django web framework and is deployed in the cloud, making it easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

INTEGRATOR allows sellers to manage all their products and sales activities from one place, helping them save time and improve their productivity. The platform integrates with popular e-commerce marketplaces in Romania, such as eMAG, Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Marketplace, among others, and offers seamless connectivity to these channels. It also offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily create listings, manage inventory.

Key features of INTEGRATOR include centralised product management, real-time inventory management. The platform provides an overview of all products listed on different marketplaces, allowing sellers to manage their inventory levels and prevent overselling. It also offers a dashboard that allows users to monitor their activity on the e-commerce market.

The platform offers a range of automation tools that make it easy to manage various tasks, such as updating product lists. INTEGRATOR also has a custom pricing model that allows sellers to choose a plan that fits their specific needs and budget.

Overall, INTEGRATOR is a great platform for e-commerce sellers who want to expand their sales operations to more markets. With its easy-to-use interface, seamless integrations and powerful automation tools, the platform makes it easy to manage online sales activities and grow sellers' business.

What we did

  • Integrated E-Commerce
  • Dynamic Website Generation
  • Managing Online Shops
Increase Efficiency
Potential Revenue Increase
Cost Reduction
Exposure reach potential

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